The Finale: Jef’s Digital Journey #MANG2049

[Source: The Things We Say:  I , II , III]

Before I start on my reflections and thoughts, watch this short video which I have created using VideoScribe.

[Source: Created by Jef Tan Yi Yang using VideoScribeYoutube]

Now that I’ve captured your attention, I will move on to my REFLECTIONS. Prior to this module, all my online platforms were nothing close to professional, they were purely for interacting with friends/family and keeping up with them. I found out that I was a Digital Resident in Topic 1!

Through the 5 topics, I have to admit I gained an abundance of insight and knowledge regarding the digital world and the Internet, including researching on the various Ethical & Unethical issues regarding Social Media.

I took this opportunity to create professional LinkedIn, Twitter profiles, cleared up my Facebook and also replaced my “childish” email address.


self test.png


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

[Source: Twitter]

As shown in the slideshow, I opted for Multiple Identities after doing much research back in Topic 2. I created a separate Twitter account for official and business related issues and tweets, with links to my LinkedIn and WordPress sites. With this change, I can certainly set a lasting first impression for my potential employers in the near future.

follow twitter.png
[Source: Twitter]

On it, I also followed accounts that will give me insights about the current affairs and updates around the world so that information will be readily at my fingertips.


[Source: LinkedIn]

Prior to this module, I didn’t realize the importance of LinkedIn, so I chose not to utilize it. However, currently, with an attractive and interesting ‘Summary Of Me’ in LinkedIn, I’m sure that I will be able to stand out from the rest of the other candidates. Through this module, I realized this is indeed useful and crucial in landing me the job of my choice. Hence, I took this opportunity to create a Digital Professional Profile for myself and it turned out really well!


pro gmail.png
[Source: Gmail]

Instead of the childishnoobymamaemail which I created when I was 10 years old, I decided to create a new professional one for work-related and official emails. This is to give a good impression to my employers and also my clients in the future whenever I need them to get in touch with me.


[Source: WordPress]

Similarly, for WordPress, I didn’t even know what it was before this module. However, I grew to love publishing blog posts through this opportunity. It enables me to share my thoughts and feelings about various topics with the world. I’m certain that I will continue to utilize this site as my public journal for all to read.


This module has taught me a range of lessons, from being professional digitally, to exploring uses of Social Media (other than friends/family). I wasn’t a fan of blogging but that isn’t the case now.
[Props to Sarah, Lisa & Nicholas!]

I am venturing into the Marketing Sector, so there is a need to portray myself with professionalism. These platforms will be able to aid me in this and this is definitely something I want to do for my future career.

#MANG2049 did equip me for the future!

The learning isn’t over. It only just began.

[500 words]
Yours Truly, Jef Tan Yi Yang



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