Topic 5: Reflective Summary on Open Access Materials

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Content Producers of ANY Industry have to weigh the pros and cons of Open Access(OA) before determining whether to adopt that model. This is a very debatable topic as some might prioritize fame/recognition over money/income, vice versa. However, the main issue right now is when users abuse the OA system and also, the rapid growth of piracy.

As mentioned in Hui Juan’s post, renowned brand, ‘Zara’ is plagiarizing artists’ designs and having OA, unfortunately, does raise a great concern over copyright issues. She related this topic to the previous topic on ethics, which I personally find is a point that is easily overlooked. As backed up by Forbes, loss of revenue is of concern to networks and film companies because piracy is illegal, cutting into profits and virtually unstoppable. From Movies, Music, Brands to Computer Softwares, there are illegal duplicates found everywhere. This is one of the main reasons why content producers are not willing to go “Open”.

As mentioned in Zaidhan’s post, OA model can be applied to Academic Industry. Students gain access to information needed for research and go in-depth into their fields and progress. However, one debatable pointer is that in academic research industries, writers, similar to movie directors or music composers, also put in substantial amount of efforts to create and publish materials. There is more information on why quality academic research is more difficult to access and that is found HERE.

In conclusion, after intensive research and gaining deeper insights, OA does have its Advantages and Disadvantages, it is all up to the Content Producers’ decisions on whether to go “Open” or not.
However, with the Revolutionization of Technology, “pirates” (in this context) and piracy sites will be easily caught. Hence, Content Producers can rest their mind if “pirates” want to “steal” their hard work.

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Yours Truly, Jef Tan Yi Yang

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