Topic 3: Want to be the Best among the Rest Online? READ THIS!

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One of the burning questions jobless individuals ponder about is:

How to develop authentic digital professional profile in order to promote oneself?

Well, you have come to the right place, Read on more!

Self-branding is crucial as it enables people to perceive who we are. Whatever we placed online is part of our virtual self which can be searched easily. (See slideshow above)
By treating ourselves like a brand, it helps to develop our online professional profile in the long run.
Watch this video on how to build your brand, create self-awareness with the successful Gary Vaynerchuk.

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Another example would be Page 7 of Jobvite article (2014) that talks about how recruiter search for information online. Statistics have also shown that 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for their new employees, making it the most used website.


1) Create an account on work-related platforms such as LinkedIn. (’s Beginner’s guide to LinkedIn). But creating is not enough, you have to manage it regularly and develop your professional identity.
For Social Media, be consistent in your usernames, profile pictures, professional identity so that it can be easily accessible and avoids confusion.

2) Post in the verifiable niche area only. People can be anyone on the Internet (Africa’s King, Astronaut etc.) Hence, when writing and promoting about business and yourself, stick to who and what you are and avoid exaggeration or embellishment about your qualifications.

3) Separate personal from work accounts as you may not know who’s googling you! You definitely do not want your drunk photos/videos to be seen by your potential employer. Am I right?
Create a professional Email for work-related activities, I had an email “” and it was created when I was 10 years old. You wouldn’t want to appear childish and unreliable right?

4) DO NOT tarnish your image online! Bear in mind that what’s on the web stays there forever. One very popular example is the Current President of USA, Donald Trump. There is a video of him treating women like objects circulating around the Internet.
This is from CNN LIVE broadcast. Reputation and respect are both affected.

5) Quality OVER Quantity. Having loads of information about yourself may not be a good thing. It would be beneficial to only focus on the key areas. In order to have a professional identity online, you should only put information that is related to the job you are applying for.
For example, if you are looking for a Business-related job, having information that you are a Chess Club member is not relevant!

Now, try re-looking at your online profiles again.
How would you brand yourself differently?

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Yours Truly, Jef Tan Yi Yang



9 thoughts on “Topic 3: Want to be the Best among the Rest Online? READ THIS!

  1. Hi Jef,

    I would agree with the first 4 ways to develop a Digital Professional Profile except for the last point where you mention, “you should only put information that is related to the job you are applying for. For example, if you are looking for a Business-related job, having information that you are a Chess Club member is not relevant!”

    I would disagree with your notion as I believe it is one of the ways in standing out and making you look unique in the eyes of the recruiters.

    As seen here(, by mentioning on the interest/hobbies you have, it reflects skills beyond your qualifications. This could also increase the attractiveness in the way you portray yourself. You are, therefore, seen as different from the rest.

    Hence, I believe if you are able to use your interests/hobbies to your advantage,
    does it not then add value to your profile?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Julaina,
      I do agree with you to a certain extent. However, if an employer looked at the resume and CV of a prospective candidate and sees it overloading with irrelevant information, the employer will just skim through and may miss out the important pointers.

      Do spare some time to take a look at this link to undestand more [Quality over Quantity]

      Do note that HR personnels have hundreds and hundreds of CVs to look through and if your CV is just full of information that is not related to the job, it is really difficult for them to read through everything.
      UNLESS, you are the President of Chess Club, it shows that you have leadership and the will to lead a group of people. It also shows that you can work well in a team. That is beneficial and will attract the attention of the Interviewer. Other than that, if you are a member of this, member of that, do not necessarily put it into your CV as those are irrelevant information just taking up space in the document.

      -Jef Tan Yi Yang


  2. Sup Jef, you actually googling yourself and putting the results in your post is really something fresh that not many people thought of doing. Thumbs up to that! The points that you have are strongly supported by relevant information that you took from the current happenings in the world; such as the post about Trump and his nefarious social image. You even highlighted the key words to let readers know what you are trying to stress on and so they can be on the same frequency as you while reading your post. However, I find that even though your content is really concise and clear, there is some difficulty focusing on reading as it feels clustered and wordy. Creating a reputable online profile takes time and requires consistent effort, rather than just simply creating a profile, do you agree?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Eugene!

    I’m glad you found my blog post insightful! It is so coincidental that Donald Trump won the presidency of United States of America so I decided to share his viral infamous video which led to many haters all around the world. I strongly agree that creating a reputable online profile takes time and effort, after all, “Rome isn’t built in a day'” right?
    Creating a profile is easy, maintaining and upgrading it in order to stand out from the crowd is the difficult task to do. Hence, never stop improving oneself and one’s own portfolio and resume because if one stops doing that, he will fall behind majority of the crowd, fairly tedious to climb back up the ladder.

    -Jef Tan Yi Yang


  4. Hi Jef
    Your blog post has certainly provided a good framework on how one can develop a digital professional profile

    Having said that, I think you might have overlooked a very important aspect as the 5 possible Ways you have listed appeared to be generic ways that you have expressed yourself in your post, commonly attempted

    So the challenge is really to create an online presence through Blogging (rather than posting) which would then allow you to be different and to stand out. Blogging paves the way for your authentic attributes to be packaged, to maximise visibility

    As mentioned by Chappell (Moderator at LinkedIn),
    “Blogging about what you know best may just give you a differential advantage over your competitor. This is something I am always mindful of
    What do you think ?


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