Topic 2: Reflective Summary on One or Multiple Online Identities

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After intensive research and reading of my peers’ blogs and their thoughts, I have been given great insight into the vast advantages, as well as the disadvantages of having multiple online identities.
Many of us agree that our online identities reflect our characteristics and the form changes depending on who we are interacting with online. (professional vs. personal)

From Beatrice’s blog, I agree with the fact that having multiple identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity. Employers will think twice before landing you the job. I also liked the quote “the internet records everything and forgets nothing.” as whatever personal information or photos/videos people post online is an irreversible effect and consequences might be dire as it may lead to cyberbullying or online scams.
She also mentioned about the famous Korean Celebrity, G-Dragon, who has a personal and professional instagram account in order to accommodate his family, friends as well as his fans.

From Dayna’s blog, I saw a flip side and advantages towards having multiple identities online. For example, she has a professional and personal social media account and this allows her friends to know about her daily life activities and also disallows others (Eg. her employers & clients) from seeing them. In fact, her employers and clients will be looking at a far more professional Social Media account, hence increasing her social status and reliability.

In conclusion, I am delighted to have received comments for my post and glad that it managed to inspire others and spark off discussions regarding this topic of having one or multiple Online Identities. I thoroughly enjoyed researching on this topic, unveiling many different insights and perspectives.
From something as minute as one anonymous dislike or abusive comment on an individual’s Social Media, to a large anonymous hate- crime organisation forum of hundreds, when online identities are being misused and abused, they can pose a threat to many, and corrupting the once harmless intention of the online community.
Hence, there are always two sides to a coin, with the advantages and disadvantages of having one or multiple online identities. An individual has to see which is more beneficial before making any decisions because

YOU decide who YOU want to be on the Internet.

Yours Truly, Jef Tan Yi Yang

Blogs that I have commented on: Beatrice & Dayna



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