Topic 1: Reflective Summary on “Digital Resident” and “Digital Visitor”

All in all, I truly gained insightful knowledge about the concepts of “Digital Resident” and “Digital Visitor”. I have read through a handful of my peers’ WordPress blogs and realised that many of them referenced from White’s theory.
Some on one hand placed themselves as “Digital Residents” whereas some on the other hand consider themselves “Digital Visitors”. I left my thoughts and views on two of my peers’ WordPress blogs and they are as follows.
For Walden’s, I agree with him that most of “Digital Residents” are of the Generation Y population, however I added that more and more people from the older generation are keeping up with the Internet trends (eg. Facebook, Instagram). Personally, my parents do use Social Media on a regular basis and they do enjoy the beauty of it. I feel that parents should connect with their children via Social Media platforms so that it would narrow the generation gap between both parties and also establish a connection with similarities with their children. This will enable the family to have tighter bonds and stronger relationships.
For Hazel’s, I felt that although some people might consider Social Media as a “waste of time”, it is an efficient way to catch up with your many circles of friends, some of them you might not even see them face-to-face regularly. Furthermore, there are also many deals and offers for online shopping, and many golden job opportunities up for grabs that are found in the Internet and Social Media. Those “Digital Visitors” that do not frequent these platforms might just miss all these totally.
However on the other hand, I also feel that one should not be addicted to being too much of a “Digital Resident” as it will certainly affect studies, work or even personal life. Addiction to Social Media and the Internet might result in a neglection of family and friends and that is something that everyone should avoid.
Hence, in summary, I feel that whenever you go out with your family or friends, do take note to put the electronic gadgets aside, relish the moment and enjoy it to the fullest as times like these need to be cherished dearly. Attached below is a photo of my extended family.

(372 words)

-Yours Truly, Jef Tan Yi Yang



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