Topic 1: “Digital Visitors” and “Digital Residents”

“Digital Visitors”: Individuals who use the Internet as a tool in an organized manner only when the need arises. They always have an appropriate and focused need to use the web but don’t ‘reside’ there.

“Digital Residents”: Individuals who live a percentage of their lives online. The web has become a crucial aspect of how they present themselves and how they remain part of networks of friends or colleagues.

The Resident has a presence online which they are constantly developing while the Visitor logs on, performs a specific task and then logs off. For example, the Resident shares his personal lifestyle and daily activities with his Social Media friends on platforms like Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat but the Visitor just uses the Internet for tasks like booking a flight, hotel or do research for projects and examinations.

Personally, for me, I’m more towards being a “Digital Resident”. Sharing my lifestyle and daily activities have grown to be part of my to-do list. For example, I use Instagram daily and update it at least once a week for 1000+ followers to know about my life since I’m unable to meet up on a regular basis with all of them individually. I also love posting photos and videos real time for my friends to see on Snapchat. At the same time, I will also watch their posts and that is how we catch up with each other in a more efficient manner. I feel that sustaining digital profiles is inevitable in this time era. Those that do not keep up with it will be left behind. There are also many rewards and benefits available on Social Media and many potential job offerings are also posted there so those that are not frequent users and Digital Residents might just miss the golden opportunities.
However, I have many friends who are more inclined towards being a “Digital Visitor”. Social Media is not their priority and they only use the Internet for accomplishing tasks like school projects and research. These are the people that feel that offline interaction is more meaningful and satisfying as compared to online interaction.

In conclusion, I feel that both roles have their own advantages and disadvantages. Being a “Digital Resident” is beneficial but one has to make sure not to get addicted to it. When you are out with your family and friends, live the moment to the fullest.

(400 words)
Yours Truly, Tan Yi Yang (Jef)

White, D. (2008, July 23). Not ‘Natives’ & ‘Immigrants’ but ‘Visitors’ & ‘Residents’. Retrieved from


5 thoughts on “Topic 1: “Digital Visitors” and “Digital Residents”

  1. Hey Jef!

    Enjoyed reading your blog! It was a really clear explanation on who are digital ‘residents’ and ‘visitors’ and feel that it was even easier to understand with your own experiences written in the post in relation to being a digital resident. I personally agree to how you view the importance and appreciate social media platforms. I do feel that people who are generally not involved in social networks seems to be a little ‘left out’ as they may not be able to engage in conversations that relates to our daily or frequent postings on social media. I uses Facebook to look for jobs and even came across really good opportunities when my friends share or post a job listing that they know of. Similarly, i love sharing my daily activities on Instagram and Snapchat as it is a way of communicating and updating my friends more about my personal life! Glad to see a similar interest here!

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    • Hello Dayna, thank you for the reply! I’m glad that you enjoyed reading my blog post. Yes, there are many DIgital Residents on one hand, and on another, there are also many Digital Visitors so please bear in mind that when you are out with your groups of friends, identify which personality they possess and always remember not to leave out the Digital Visitors, communicate more with them and enjoy one another’s presence.

      -Jef Tan Yi Yang

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  2. Hello Jef ! It was a pleasure to read your post, your definition of “Digital Visitor” and “Digital Residents” is concise and clear. It is highly relatable as I have the same perception. “Digital Visitor” as the name suggests is like a passerby with a sole intention, indeed. “Digital Residents” on the other hand, treats the Internet and Social Media as their second home. It is good to see that you are active on the social media so that you can keep in touch with your friends online, as you’re unable to meet them up, all at once. It is also important to dedicate some time to your core friends and loved ones, apart from the digital world. Well done bro, will be here from more !

    – Walden

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    • Hello Walden, thank you for your comment! I’m glad that you enjoyed reading my blog post and also hope that you understand more about “Digital Visitor” and “Digital Resident”.Continue being yourself and remember to devote your time equally towards family and friends! Once again, thank you for reading and leaving your thoughts! Really appreciate it.
      -Jef Tan Yi Yang

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